Friday, January 11, 2008

What Windows Vista would have been

After about five years, people were wondering what Windows was doing and why
their operating system wasn't out yet.  Businesses and Technology enthusiasts were pushing
Microsoft to release their next big upgrade, but Microsoft's technology specialists weren't anywhere near
finished with Windows Vista.  There were a lot of features that they really wanted to put into it,
and judging from some YouTube videos I've seen (some of which may not be authentic), Windows Vista was going
to be one hell of an operating system, with one hell of a GUI.

After being rushed, they
took away the WinFS, which was truly going to be a revolutionary file system (or so they say).  But
they also toned down the GUI a lot.  And I can see why.  Even after Windows Vista was
released, there was a lot of complain over how computers that were marked "Windows Vista Capable"
were only capable of running Windows Vista in basic mode, not with Aero capabilities.  Imagine how
much more infuriated people would have been if the GUI had in fact been much better.  Computers
(considering how bloated Vista is) would have needed to be much faster, and have much higher computer

This is my opinion anyway, based on some videos I watched, although, I can
not confirm how authentic they are, I've posted some links below:

  • href="">Longhorn Concept
  • href="">Windows Vienna Experience Scenarios

  • Windows Vienna?
  • href="">Windows Vienna Login

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