Saturday, July 23, 2011


So, despite the fact that I know excessively little about how to work Node.JS,
especially when coming from a PHP background - I am beyond obsessed with the language.

it thrills me to no end that there is now a Node.JS executable for Windows.

Of course,
things kind of suck when you don't have the super simple power of NPM, but that's life for ya.

understand the basics of Node.JS (If you've ever touched JavaScript, its hard NOT to);
but some fine details such as templating elude me.  Maybe you're not supposed to template?  Maybe you're
just supposed to serve up some static HTML that then queries the Node.JS server for the information it
needs?  Oh.. now there's a thought.. program a single frontend that just talks back and forth with the
backend.  Kind of like Google+, actually.

Is that what I'm supposed to do?  God I love
this language.

Friday, July 22, 2011

First Play with ChromeOS

I recently managed to have my first attempt at playing with ChromeOS - and it was
definitely not the way Google would have preferred my first experience with it go.  For this test, I managed
to load a bootable image of Hexxeh's Flow onto a 4GB SD Card and booted off of it.

booted up faster than anything ever before (except maybe resuming Windows out of sleep), and then it was
slow.  Its probably because my ancient graphics card isn't supported by bloody anything these days.

to say, I quickly left it and booted back into Windows 7.  I'd love to play around with a Chromebook, and
know just the everyday apps I'd use.

  • - Instant Messaging.
     imo allows me to connect to Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, MySpace (lol), and Google Talk all from a
    single client.  It is by far the best multi-client I've ever used, and is constantly improving.

  • Google Docs - There are very few reasons for me to use Google Docs, and if I'm lucky such reasons
    will become even fewer.

  •  Google Voice - Text Messaging on Any Platform.  I
    love it.

  • Cloud 9 IDE - So far the best IDE I've found.  What I really need
    is a free web-based IDE that allows me to work on private projects without them being
    Open Source.  Sometimes I have things I want to work on in secret.

saying.  I'd really love a Chromebook to play around on.  It might encourage me to put more apps/extensions
in the WebApp Store too.  #justsayin