Saturday, January 5, 2008

About the Author (part 1)

There are some people reading this tech blog of mine, so, I guess I should
introduce who I am, eh?  Considering that most people reading this are people I've never talked to
before, or some of the people that know me online.

My name is Navarr Barnier. 
I'm a sixteen year old student at Klein Collins High School in Houston, Texas.  I work in PHP,
(X)HTML, XML, CSS, and am starting to get familiar with JavaScript.  I considering myself a Web
Developer.  I can't really do anything with layouts, but code and backend, they are my friends.

Recently, I've started being more active in the Web Design and Development Community. 
I've joined the mailing lists for Microformats, became a member of the DataPortability Google (and Facebook)
group, Joined the APML Facebook group, and started the process of getting a spot in the HTML5 W3C working

I hate the terms, but I love the concepts of Web 2.0, Web 3.0, the Semantic Web. 
The internet is truly moving in a good direction.  We are truly entering the Information Technology

Those are the basics.  When I post Part 2, I'll cover over what href=""> is as well as its future.

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