Saturday, October 1, 2011

Great Scott, I've discovered something delicious

Truthfully, I've tried my best to make a difference in programming, in code, trying to
learn, trying to be amazing.  I never thought I'd just randomly happen upon a chance discovery that would
turn out to be amazingly delicious.

Late August, I went to my friend's house in Toledo.
 There, we picked some pears.  I took home some for myself and placed them in my fridge, unfortunately never
stopping to think to eat them.

Late September, I place a Sunkist can I had not had time
to finish beside the pears, leaving it for later.

October 1st, I pull the pears out of
the fridge, giving them up to inspection by Rebecca.  They look as if they haven't aged, possibly frozen by
sitting beside the freezer inside the fridge.  I pull out the sunkist and set it on top of the fridge to
deal with later.  Rebecca declares that the pears, although not yet rotten, would be as soon as they thawed
as their cellular structure would not be able to survive being frozen and thawed.

that evening, I accidentally take a swig of the sunkist left on top of the fridge.  It has a delicious taste
of pear to it, despite its flatness it does not taste bad.  It is delicious, but sickly sweet.  But amazingly

Now that I've learned this, what should I do about it?