Friday, January 18, 2008

The Portable Data Account Manager

This is my newest concept that I will one day attempt to put into reality.

If you've been reading my blog for the short period of time that I've been writing it, you'll have
noticed that I have a lot of interest in standards such as HTML5, XHTML, Microformats, and the newest
concept group, DataPortability

Since I learned
about DataPortability, I've been excessively interested in the idea that I would be able to share my data
between websites.  If you've paid attention to my twitter, you'll notice that I even went out and
created such a test system on my website.  I have an OpenID, FOAF, and XRDS all hosted on my own
personal web server.  The next step I want to take?  Creating a beta system for account
management.  Unfortunately, one of the only things that is holding this back is how it would work. 
How are websites supposed to query for your XRDS, your FOAF, your APML, RDF, and so forth?  You
obviously don't want them to just directly download the feeds off of the webserver by themselves. 
Why?  Privacy controls.  We need privacy controls and the only thing stopping me from
creating such a system, are these privacy controls.

My ideas already span over the
concept of having multiple systems.  For example, certain data would be added or excluded to your
"Professional" FOAF and the same for your "Social" FOAF.  The
concept even goes over the fact that you could create as many FOAF, XRDS, RDF, APML, etc. systems so that
you could share only the data that you want to share with certain websites.  And that this
interface.. this GUI would help you manage it all, from a single OpenID login.

Yes, it
sounds impressive.  But I'm not quite there yet.  First thing I need to do, will be to
create my own OpenID server.  And by that, I don't mean download the newest PHP OpenID
client/server I can find, I mean reading over OpenID 2.0 and its accompanying standards and program one from

What do my readers think of this idea?  Do you like

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