Sunday, February 28, 2010


you think you’ve had a lot of fun with twitter on the web and all those twitter clients you’ve played around
with?  What if I told you that you haven’t seen anything yet?  What if I told you that you
could use Twitter in a TRUE Command Line Interface with specific commands for interacting with twitter.

Welcome to one of my latest and greatest creations, title="Twitter Command Line Interface">TwCLI.

TwCLI supports
almost everything twitter has to offer, and will soon be expanding to support even more!  href="">TwCLI (Click to Enlarge) src="" width="500" height="404" />
TwCLI includes a long list of commands, help information for each command, a theme-able interface (Specify a
Pre-Determined theme, import from your twitter profile, or even specify an external CSS file!),
Geo-Location, Retweets, and even Contributor Support!

Go ahead, href="">give it a try and tell me what you

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