Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Update on GVOMS

So, as many people quickly found out - wasn't working. At first, the
mirrors shut down, and then Google got stricter regarding logging in through an external server. With some
tweaks, however, I've managed to bring the service up just fine - including support for dual factor
authenticated accounts via application specific passwords.

However, there is
more bad news. It seems that the latest version of Outlook (2013) is removing
"Office Mobile Service". What that means is that GVOMS will only be available for use in Office 2000 and
Office 2007. I will end support for GVOMS no later than the version of Outlook after 2013 - unless
significant interest/donation is put towards it.

The good news is, however,
that GVOMS doesn't have to just be for Outlook. GVOMS provides a protocol that Office understands, but is
open for the entire web. GVOMS provides a SOAP interface for sending Text messages over Google Voice.

if you're an interested developer, let that sink in - and then try to build something on top of it ;) You
can read up on [MS-OMS]:
Office Mobile Service Protocol Specification
over on MSDN.