Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Facebook Chat launches XMPP Support

In a move that has me saying “Well its about freakin’ time!” – Facebook has
launched XMPP Support for their popular Chat Service.

Now, normally I don’t take the time
to write out about this kind of thing – except that no other blog post has detailed what your connection
credentials are – so I’ll go ahead and write those for you.

Login: [email protected]

Password: Your freakin’ Password

If you do not yet have
a username (What the heck is wrong with you?  Why not?!) then you can create one at href=""> (By the way, that’ll also
be an email address soon, just so ya know).


  1. I agree, it is about time. Facebook has promised this for about two years.

  2. I agree. Its been a long time coming.

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