Saturday, February 20, 2010

simpleTAPI is Broken

Apparently I’ve completely broken simpleTAPI somewhere between Build 27 and
Build 30.  I thought I had fixed it with Build 29, but it seems that I was mistaken.

lieu of this, I am putting simpleTAPI on a temporary hiatus.  I will be re-constructing it from
scratch (though, probably looking back and using a good bit of the original code).  The next
version should have several configurable options, and will hopefully interact with the Twitter API much
better than the previous versions.

Build 30 was supposed to return results as an
array([“TAPI”] => data, [“result”] => data).  But all I’m getting from it at the
moment is “Unable to Authenticate User.”

Those wanting to use simpleTAPI should use href="">Build 27,
though you will have to deal with some minor quirks in the way results are returned.  (the TAPI
array is simply appended to the results array, making things slightly complicated if you don’t

What will be simpleTAPI 0.4 should have better error handling,
better return data, and better built-in caching.  I’m also hoping to build in support for xAuth and
Delegated OAuth, if at all possible.  (Though probably not since simpleTAPI is built upon another
OAuth library).

So, I’m asking for any and all feature requests.  Is there
something about simpleTAPI you don’t like or want to be improved?  Please, post in the comments

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