Saturday, February 7, 2009

Windows 7 Genuine Advantage

Should be aptly renamed to “Windows 7 Ungenuine Disadvantage.”

you ask?

Simply because a single simple hardware revision (“upgrading” your computer for
example) can make it lose it’s mind.

Would you like to know the modifications I had to
make to my computer to get “You may be a victim of software fraud” and “Activate Now” popping up all the
time since the first time I activated with a serial code provided from Microsoft?

I had
to make one: Attaching a second IDE hard drive that’s less than 20GB.

That one IDE hard
drive freaked Windows 7 out like there is no tomorrow.

Luckily, since the Beta is free; I
have another key; and have re-validated my version of Windows 7 as genuine.

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