Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Java for Chrome

So, most of my readers should know about the laptop story now.  I’ve
been using Google Chrome on this old Windows 7 computer (since it doesn’t take a lot of processor or RAM)
and telling Chrome to Yes, install the missing plugin, I was brought to a Java Download page.

clicked to install it, and Java gave me this interesting “Java for Chrome” page, quoted below:

Google Chrome requires Java 6 Update 10 or greater (Java 6u10+), as indicated in
the Google Chrome Help Center. The Chrome browser is new and not officially supported by Sun for Java 6.
However, you may be able to use Chrome with Java 6u10 at your own risk. Sun will continue monitoring the
acceptance of Chrome in the marketplace.

Sun will continue
monitoring the acceptance of Chrome in the marketplace
?  That sounds funny to me,m
and not funny ha-ha, funny “Wow, okay big brother.”

I think if there are enough chrome
users that you needed to make that page, there are enough that you should officially support


  1. It is much easier to put up a page that says "sorry sucka" than to actually go through
    the trouble of testing that the thing works.

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