Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 12. Okay, What the fuck?

Wait, I already posted a Day 12 blog… Didn’t this day start off on a good

Well, Fuck.

I’ve been informed that
my things are available to be picked up at school, oh, and one other thing.

didn’t find anything

Oh, and guess what?

using the testimony I wrote of what happened as a “confession,” and I’ve been informed I’m being assigned 30
days of Alternative School Placement

For what “crimes?”  I don’t
know.  I’d like to find out myself.  Is there anyway I can get a piece of paper that has
what I did wrong written on it?  Or the rule I broke?  We should give those pieces of
paper a name too, maybe we could call it a “write-up” or a “D1?”  Oh, wait, those EXIST
Why don’t I have one?

Is it because I didn’t break any rules?  I
bet it is.

This is getting RIDICULOUS!  I’ve been out of normal
classes for nearly two weeks now, and I’m being told I’m going to be placed in Annex (the alternative
school) for doing… what again?

Oh right, NOTHING.

I’m asking my counselor and associate principle about it, since I assume my principle is still off

Would you like to read a little bit about “Annex”?

Procedures On Arrival To School

On arrival to
school, students must have shirts tucked in at the waist and belts on and fastened. As students enter the
Annex building each day, they should be prepared to remove their belt, turn out all pockets from pants, and
remove any metal objects that would cause alert from a metal detector. Metal objects should be turned over
to designated Alternative Classes staff who supervise transit through the metal detector. Students must pass
through the metal detector with palms up.

or how about…


Alternative Classes Standardized
Dress Code

A standardized dress code for students assigned to Alternative
Classes was approved by Klein ISD Board of Trustees and adopted in 2004-2005. The dress code will remain
effective 2008-2009 and will be enforced from the time students board the bus for transit to school until
the student de-boards the bus at their assigned stop. Alternative Classes dress code for both girls and boys
includes beige khaki pants worn at the waist (no shorts, Capri pant, skirt, or dress), a solid color black,
brown or white belt with a small belt buckle, a white shirt with a collar (no logo or writing) that is long
enough to tuck neatly into pants at the waist (a white or light gray undershirt may be worn under the white
collared shirt), and white or black shoes with corresponding colored shoelaces and a white or light gray
sweatshirt (no hood, no logo or writing) for classroom appropriate outer wear. Shirts must be tucked into
pants with the belt showing and pants must be worn at the waist on arrival to school. If a belt is not worn
or a belt is loose, twist ties may be used to keep the pants at the waist. The dress code will be strictly
enforced – campus isolated instruction or out of school suspension could be assigned on the first dress code

If you want to read more, check out the title="Alternative Education Campus of the Klein Independent School District"
href="" rel="nofollow">Alternative Education Campus of the Klein
ISD’s website.


  1. Call a lawyer. If my memory serves me well, I'm pretty certain you at least have a
    constitutional right to know what it is you're being punished for.

  2. You need to get with a lawyer because there's no legality in that.. because if they are
    trying to use that as evidence then they illegaly coercesed you into writing and signing a false confession.