Friday, April 23, 2010

Twitter Annotation Proposal - Image

This is a proposal for a twitter annotation that I hope to be blessed by both
the development community and twitter itself.

Image Namespace

are something commonly shared throughout twitter.  Something that would be fantastically idealistic
would be embedding image data into twitter annotations.

Due to constraints, images should
be resized to a lower-quality “preview”.  Possibly VGA or so?  A link to a privately
hosted image should also be available.

Using the current preview information supplied by
the twitter development team, I imagine that it would go something like this:

"data here.. base64 etc.",
"preview_encode": "base64",
// Or whatever else floats your boat. "bin" or "binary" for raw data.

"full_src": ""

additional thoughts on other information that should be included?  Maybe a title and description,
or is that not needed?  Please, leave all of your thoughts and ideas in the


  1. I don't know jack about Twitter annotations, but that being said, this looks like a
    wonderful thing that's been a long time coming for Twitter. I like.

  2. Actually, I'm still waiting for Twitter Annotations to COME OUT.

    they still haven't :<