Saturday, April 3, 2010

HTML5 Being a Pain in My Ass Again

This time in regards to the highly acclaimed and very well received <video>

On my website, Google Voice for Outlook
I use the <video> tag to show a demonstration of the system working.  I don’t
currently have a way to encode in ogg, and/or am too lazy too, so I decided that if the web browser didn’t
support h264 video, it’d fall back to the YouTube video.  The expected result (from me, of course)
was that if it can’t display the video, it’d display the YouTube.  Apparently though, in FireFox it
does not fall back to the YouTube video and instead just displays a gray box, and the fault this time
doesn’t lie with FireFox, but with the standard:

Content may be provided inside
the video element. User agents should not show this content to the user; it is intended for older Web
browsers which do not support video, so that legacy video plugins can be tried, or to show text to the users
of these older browsers informing them of how to access the video contents.

This means that if you want to use <video> on any website, ever, properly, you’re going to
have to encode it in both h264 and Theora until the industry decides on a set standard.


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