Monday, January 25, 2010

Webkit JavaScript Notifications API

Something I learned about recently by following the updates being issued to
Chrome, is that with today’s release they also pushed out the Webkit Notifications API to Chrome Stable
(v4).  Surprisingly, this is actually the first I’ve heard of it’s existence.  I took a
look and played around with it a bit, and it is qué cool.

Visit href="">my Sandbox to see the code in action,
or continue reading for some code excerpts.

One interesting thing about
this new API is that it not only requires a user to authorize it, but in order for an authorization click to
appear, the user has to do something.  You can’t make it appear as soon as the user visits the
page, they have to click something or trigger an event.

For the sake of this example,
lets say the user clicks a link that triggers the JavaScript function “notification();” and we want to show
a notification onscreen.

[codesyntax lang="javascript"]function notification()

if(window.webkitNotifications) // If we have the Notification API
var nc =
window.webkitNotifications; // Set the API to nc for easy access
if(nc.checkPermission()) // 1 =
Not Allowed, 2 = Denied, 0 = Allowed
nc.requestPermission(myNotification); //
Request Permission with a callback to myNotification();
} else { myNotification(); }
var nc = window.webkitNotifications;

var notif = nc.createNotification(null,"Notification Title","Notification Body"); // Parameters: string
URL_TO_IMAGE, string Title, string Body; // Show Notification
catch(Err) {
alert(Err.message); // Will output a security error if we don't have permission.


As you can see from the
code, its a fairly straightforward API for showing desktop notifications, and once the user has given the
website permission, they can be triggered any time. Up to five notifications can appear, and the rest will
be kept in a queue until the others are dismissed, either by the user or by calling .cancel(); on the
notification variable (notif in this case).


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  2. ya its simple, can i show link as notification?

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