Monday, January 11, 2010

How Google Could Change The Industry (And Take Over Your Life)

So, the one thing that you’ll find on any and all news websites who are of any
quality at all would be the brand new Google Phone, the Nexus One – the one
device that’s making me cringe and go “WHY DIDNT I CREATE A YOUTUBE SHOW BEFORE NOW?” Since, you know, just
about every single YouTube partner has gotten a free Nexus One.  FEEL MY ENVY, YOUTUBERS.

But, there is definitely one thing that could be different.  One thing that they could
change the entire industry with.  And all they’d have to do is partner up with cell phone
providers, and convince them to let you get an account without a phone number.

What?  What’s that Navarr?  You’re absolutely INSANE!  You can’t get a
cell phone without a cell phone number?  Why would you want to?  What possible use could
that be?  What would you do??

Well, if you really are asking all those
questions, than shut the hell up and think for a moment.  What two things does Google own that
would allow them to do something so spectacularly crazy?

Google Voice, and Gizmo5. 
Gizmo5 would only be necessary if they decided to do Voice over Data, which I personally am not sure the
cell phone backend is ready for – but could you imagine purchasing a Nexus One,
signing in with your Google (apps?) Account, and
then if you already have Google Voice it simply works?  And if you
don’t it gets you started on creating an account, including choosing your own phone number
(for life, although changeable).

Google would store your basic account numbers and
information, and if you ever wanted a new android phone, you would simply log in
It’d automatically use your phone number and all your other details, too.

Maybe though,
just maybe Google could do this – and make actual cellular calling free, with
the only thing you’re paying for being data.

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