Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twitter PHP Library

Well, being a PHP developer I quickly got excessively tired of looking for the
proper Twitter Library with all the features that returned good results, and I got tired of looking for
proper libraries and classes that could interface with OAuth.

Then, I found a relatively
new (albeit “Beta”) Twitter OAuth Library, but it still required more steps than I really wanted to do just
to get user authentication in a program.  So I decided to finally piece everything together and
write Twitter API Library.

This library basically does everything you would expect it to do, except for Unauthenticated
Requests and the Search API… I haven’t gotten around to coding that in yet, as it was not the primary focus
of this library.

The library is not thoroughly tested, but theoretically shouldn’t
encounter any errors.  I would be very grateful to anyone who’ll test it for me.  (I can’t
work out the bugs without testers, so please, test!).

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