Sunday, November 29, 2009

Google Voice OMS Code on Github

I pushed the 子猫ちゃん Google Voice OMS service’s code to github, so you can now
download it – albeit, to make it work it’ll take a lot of hacking and a lot more editing.

way, I’ve gotten no donations and no offers for free SSL hosting, so it looks like this project just will
not be seeing the light of day.  It’s a shame, I worked a long time to make it work, and it’s
obviously something a lot of business professionals would be able to find a use for.

well, you can find the project on github.

Remember to abide by the Usage License!

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  1. [...] or something if it caught on – but there seemed to be so tiny of a reaction to
    the post that I published it on Github.  Do you guys seriously not like it?  I asked for
    SSL Hosting or Donations three months [...]