Saturday, October 31, 2009

The King of all Music Apps

Five years ago, I didn’t care a single little bit about music in any way shape
or form.  Now, I have over 4 gibibytes or so of it, and I can’t seem to find an application to manage
it decently.

I recently tried MediaMonkey, but what i thought would auto-update all of my
music, just assigned it to the album of a completely unrelated artist and screwed up a good bit of my
library!  Ughh!

So, I’m still trying to find a Music Management Application that
can do the following:

  • Update MP3 ID3 Tags (with:)
  • Update
    Album Artwork (High Resolution)
  • Update Album and Track names and Artists, Year, Genre
  • Add/Update Lyrics (Unsynchronized & Synchronized if Possible)

  • Move into custom directories the user specifies.

It needs to do
this for both English/Japanese tracks.  iTunes and Windows
Media Player
both do most of these functions fairly well, but their library isn’t nearly big

If I had an app that could do all that perfectly, and almost automatically, that
would be great.  Pulling the data from wherever it needed to, FreeDB, Gracenote, Amazon, anything
it could possibly get its hands on.

Does anybody know of an app that does all/most of
this, or am I eventually going to have to write my own?


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