Monday, October 12, 2009

Boycotting Virgin Mobile USA

So, I’ve started a boycott.  This one’s for real, although I’m unable
to participate in it myself (I can’t afford a new phone.)

Please join me in my efforts to
Boycott Virgin Mobile USA.  The company blocks twitter.  That’s really the only reason. 
They acknowledge that they “do not support it” and they refuse to support it, despite my unlimited plan, so,
I’m calling for a boycott!

Please Tweet this blog and join me in my efforts! 
This is unacceptable =)




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  3. Navarr,

    Sorry you are having trouble accessing Twitter from your
    Virgin Mobile phone.

    Twitter can be accessed on your phone from the application called
    "Connect by Virgin Mobile". Without knowing what phone you use, it's hard giving you explicit directions for
    getting to Connect, but if you go to VirginXL and scroll down to "Cool Services", you'll see "Connect by
    Virgin Mobile". That will get you on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    Also, if you have a newer
    phone (like the Rumor 2), accessing Connect might be a menu item. Just press Menu, and scroll to the icon
    with the an arrow pointing to the left. That's Connect.

    I hope this helps, and if you
    have any questions feel free to post a reply.


    SA @ Virgin

  4. Yeah, if I want to pay an additional price every single day.

    *SHOULD* work via Text. The fact that your company is blocking that is why I'm calling for boycott.

  5. Hi Navarr,

    I run product management and development of our
    messaging services here at Virgin Mobile USA. I'm sorry to read you're having trouble with Twitter on your
    phone. We do in fact support Twitter over SMS. Our customers send and receive millions of SMS to and from
    Twitter every month.

    If you shoot me your phone number to my email address, we can try
    to trouble shoot for you.

    Best regards,

  6. hey man i just got off the phone with virgin they suspended my service because i topped
    up on my top up card and they also took money out of my friends bank account so they fucked up and now she
    dont get he rmoney back for 2 weeks and i don't get my phone service until its fixed its been 7 days and
    they told me just to send an email explaing what is the problem i have sent one every day the past 7 days i
    just called them and tore into thier ass because i paid for unlimited and got unlimited direct calls to
    Virgin Mobile Advisors