Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why SuperTweets won’t kill URL Shorteners

Now, the title of this blog post makes it sound like I’m going to write an
essay about why SuperTweets (and the probability of them having a URL metadata for tweets) will not be
killing URL Shorteners like and anytime soon.

1) URL Shorteners Keep You

One of the things URL shorteners do now is they keep you safe from malicious
websites.  You can preview the site you are visiting, and if its determined to be delicious the
short URL will either be deleted or blocked or a warning will be shown, letting you know it is no longer
safe to visit that URL.

2) URL Shorteners are Branded

All I really
have to say here is “ Pro”  URL Shorteners now have custom branding, so it makes it even
easier to send people to your website or promote your brand on twitter by including the link in the text.

3) URL Shorteners are Easy to Remember

When they are used correctly. 
Services like allow you to give a custom name to your short link.  This is especially useful
in media such as Television or Print:
is much easier to remember and type than href="">

With even just these three simple reasons in mind, it is very clear to me that URL shorteners will
not be dying anytime soon, no matter how much metadata you can attach to tweets.  I’m not even sure
they’re bad for the internet, anymore.

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