Monday, April 19, 2010

Features Wanted in Skype

I realized there are some neat little features I would love to see in Skype
(while playing around with Microsoft Outlook and getting it to call out using Google Voice, I’ll blog about
that next).

Calls Out Using Modem

Doesn’t Skype do some fantastic
Skype-Out thing where you can even use a specific number as a calling card and call out using it? 
A whole crapload of notebooks and desktops still ship with modems, why not utilize it!  If you
don’t have a connection to the net (or you’re just crazy), you could call out using a Skype-Out Call-In
Number!  Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

Calls Out with Calling Card through Modem

Yeah, yeah, companies don’t like competition or whatnot, but if the previous is supported, why not
spice it up a little and allow us to use a different calling card through the settings?  That would
allow Google Voice users to make outbound calls using Google Voice through Skype, and that would just be

Answering Calls Through Modem

Is your phone ringing? 
Yeah, don’t you wish you could pick it up using Skype?  All it has to do is learn to speak through
the modem and BABOOSH, you can now answer your landline ON SKYPE (GOOGLE VOICE MAKES THIS MORE AWESOME).

Contact Synchronization with Google

needs this.

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