Monday, April 19, 2010

Using Google Voice with Outlook’s Dialer

Microsoft Outlook has this very nifty feature where you can connect your
computer to the phone line and use your Outlook Contact List to instantly dial someone’s number. 
Of course, when they created this they needed to add support for using a calling card, as long distance in
the same country hadn’t even begun to be free.

Now if you use Google Voice, you can use
this to your advantage with the simple addition of just a few seconds to the call.

Reading for Instructions on how to Outlook up to dial through Google Voice

you’ll want to go to your contacts and open up the Calling Dialogue.  Do this by clicking More
> Call > New Call…

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You should get a dialogue that looks something like:

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You’ll notice immediately that it has been around for ages.  What we want, though, is
“Dialing Properties.”  Once that pops up, you’ll (probably) want to create a New…

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Name it something like “Everywhere” and give it the area code “999
or another area code that is never used.

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Now that that little bit is out of the way, we can get to actually creating the dialer. 
Go to the Calling Card tab and click New…

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Give it a name like “Google Voice.”  For your account number, enter your ten
digit Google Voice number, and for your PIN, enter.. your Pin.

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Go to the Long Distance tab and enter the following rules:

  1. Dial the account number.  (Button: Account
  2. Wait for 4 seconds. (Button: Wait
    for Prompt…
    , click “Wait for a specific length of time:” and then enter the number 4)

  3. Dial * (Button: Specify Digits…, enter
    the asterisk)
  4. Wait for 4 seconds.
  5. Dial
    the PIN number.
    (Button: PIN)
  6. Wait
    for 4 seconds
  7. Dial 2 (Button: Specify
    , enter the number 2)
  8. Wait for 2 seconds.
    (Button: Wait for Prompt…, click “Wait for a specific length of time:” and then
    enter the number 2)
  9. Dial the area code and number.
    (Button: Destination Number…, make sure “Dial the area code
    is selected and “Dial the country/region code” is not.)
  10. Dial
    (Button: Specify Digits…, enter the pound sign: #)

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Click OK and make sure that Google
(or whatever you named it) is selected as the calling card.

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Click OK, OK, and then feel free to make
any calls you want using your Google Voice number.  :)


  1. WOW, this little thing is GENIUS!!!!, I've been looking for something like this
    for a while, THANKS...


  2. Look Great! But I am have trouble with an outlook error telling me telephony is in use.
    What should my "connect using line" setting should be?

  3. Sorry my previous comment posted before I could finish. This looks GREAT! Very nice
    work. But I'm afraid I'm missing something in setting it up. Outlook 2007 keeps giving me a
    "telephony in use" error. Could it be I need to setup some line properties or make sure something from
    Google is running or not running?

  4. Well, when I tried it I got "another program is using the selected telephony device..."
    I rebooted the computer; same response, any suggestions?

  5. Is there a way to get this to work over broadband since I don't have a modem to dial
    out with?

  6. Outlook gives the error "An internal error occurred in the automatic phone dialer.
    Close the Dial Phone dialog box, and then open it again."

  7. This only works w/Modems :( - we need this to work via gVoice app or gVoice over the
    web. How can we make this happen - please advice - Aaron C

  8. My company Managescope has created an Outlook 2010 PlugIn for Google Voice Integration,
    if anyone is interested. There's a 7 day free trial. Here's the link:

  9. Receive message that "another program is using the selected telephony device. try it
    again after the other program finishes?. What other program could this be? I do not have a modem on this
    laptop and my skype is closed. Possible google talk?

  10. This requires a modem to work.

    See now, that's your problem.

  11. What would you recommend using for a modem so I can make this work?

  12. I am unfortunately not aware of any way to do so. :(

  13. Try Clamr! it claims to be able to do this.