Friday, October 30, 2009

SimpleTwitter Update

I’ve pushed a simple update to the href="">SimpleTwitter
JavaScript.  Change log (if its even needed) below.

  • Support for
    Twitter Lists

    • Uses the same format as twitter, for example @ href="">navarr/shogi

  • Support for Turled Profiles

    • style="background-color: #ffffff;">Using the variable &turl=true
      will link @replies to turled beta-profiles instead of
      twitter profiles.

    • Surprisingly,
      this doesn’t break in co-ordination with lists.  It just doesn’t display the list.

  • Uses Search API

    • We moved to the search API for retrieving tweets,
      as well as pulling a JSON file instead of XML.  This MAY BREAK your current
      implementation (though it should not).  If it does, you can use the older script by pulling old.php
      from the server instead of index.php

that’s it.  Was thinking about making the default for &turl being true instead of false, but figured
that’d probably annoy more people than it was worth (at least until I get turled to be of more use as a
twitter replacement).

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