Saturday, October 17, 2009

Facebook Navigational Changes

I observed today on the Facebook account of a person close to me, some changes
that had been made to the site that really stood out and grabbed my attention.  Upon review, these
changes are not currently in affect on my own version of the Facebook page, and have not yet been reported
by any of the major Facebook blogs, so I will post some reports on what I saw here.

header is a bit bigger, and the notification icon has been moved up to it, possibly the application icon as
well but I did not take a close look.  I think there was also a message icon to display the unread
count of the inbox.

Assuming this wasn’t an error, (or that it was and it isn’t fixed by
tomorrow) I should be able to present you with screenshots.

Otherwise, please be on the
lookout for these changes, and if you notice them yourself, please upload a screenshot to some site and link
to it from here.

I hope to bring you continued coverage of these changes as they unfold.