Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why HTML should become a dead language

Go ahead, take a gander around the Internet.  Lets see who is using
HTML, and who is using XHTML.

    • Blogger [Served as
    • Opera [Served as XML]
    • FireFox (Mozilla) [Served as HTML]

    • Facebook [Served as HTML]
    • MySpace [Served as HTML]
    • Twitter
      [Served as HTML]
    • W3C [Served as HTML]
  • HTML
    • Microsoft
    • Yahoo!
    • Apple
    • Google
    • WHATWG

As you can see, the
"newer" websites are serving in XHTML.  A few of them Transitional (mainly
websites where users can input HTML), however, a large number of them are marked as XHTML 1.0 Strict using
the W3C DTD.

On to my main point, HTML should NOT receive an update.  The
primary reason people want it to, is because it is FAMILIAR to designers and developers.  However,
HTML is very lax on how it is interpreted, a little too lax in my personal opinion.

Example.  <input type="text" disabled>.  The tag does not
end.  Its interpreted as a single tag, and disabled means that its disabled.  I, myself,
find this to be horrible, horrible code.  In XHTML, all tags must end, and all properties must have
a value.  Which is easier to program, an HTML or an XHTML parser?

Probably the
XHTML.  HTML was not designed to be parsed, and is really quite a pain to attempt to parse using
such things like Regex, considering how lax of a language it is.

In my own personal
opinion, HTML should become a dead language.  Some people hold on to it, let them.  Let
them continue making their websites in Archaic HTML 4.  But do we really need to run an update to
it?  No.  We should, move to XHTML.  XML has already proven to be a very
dependable language.  Its used in such popular applications like Jabber, and Twitter, and is used
commonly with AJAX, which is the height of the "Web 2.0" Revolution.

why are we trying to revise it?  Why can't we adopt a stricter set of rules so that they can better
be implemented?  In my personal opinion, work on HTML should be halted, and moved to XHTML. 
I still believe that the W3C and WHATWG should work together on a new version of XHTML.  XMLEvents
and XForms should adopt the magnificent features that Web Forms 2.0 has created.  Again, this is my
personal opinion.

EDIT: Added What Some
sites are served as.  Its actually pretty depressing.