Sunday, January 6, 2008

About the Author (part 2): The Past and Future of GTAero

As I'm sure by now, you've all seen that this is a sub-domain under  Although, if you visit
all you'll see is a very odd black page, with multiple lines of text in headings that validates as XHTML 1.0
Transitional (which is perfectly fine to submit as a text/html mind you :-p).

But.. what
is  It couldn't have always been like that, could it have?

statement, would be correct.  If you check, you'll see that there were, most
definitely, different versions of the website. was my first real introduction
into The Web.  I wanted to make a video game.  Grand
Theft Aero
This video game
was to be like Grand Theft Auto, but take place in outer space, with hover-crafts and
different planets and so on and so forth.  I created a couple of 2D-shooters by modifying some
other games that had been made with some free game creation software, but that was as far as that project
ever got.

Eventually, what soon became known as Project: Grand Theft Aero,
worked on designing " href="">Dragon World" and " title="PoKéQuesT - Pokémon Online Game" href="">PoKéQuesT"
(PoKéQuesT being the only one still alive).

Indeed, if you
look at the Dragon World website, you'll notice how childish it is, specifically the
Terms.  Hard to think that it was only about four years ago, but I was.. 12 then?  I guess
people do mature pretty fast.

The question now, though, becomes "What is the
future of Project: Grand Theft Aero?".  The original meaning of the
website is gone, yet I still keep the domain, and I still use it.

Well; Project:
Grand Theft Aero
is also my history, and so I don't plan to drop it anytime soon.  I
hope to work as a Web Design/Developer in the future, and so is where I'll keep things like my résumé,
links to my MySpace,
blogs and various projects.

I will soon, again, be trying to place an OpenID on the
website, after which I will use it as my official profile and location on the internet.  If I ever
get a .name for myself, it'll just point to the exact same place.

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