Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ghost in the Shell - Not Just a Popular Animé, but the Future

I was looking through slashdot articles today, and low and behold if I wasn't
reminded of the popular animé and manga, Ghost in the Shell.

For those of you
wondering, I'll list the headlines of these articles, which, if you've seen the animé or manga will
probably bring back some pretty nice memories.

  • Prosthetic-Limbed Runner
    Disqualified from Olympic Games
  • Bionic Contact Lens May Lead to Overlay Displays

Does that not remind you of anything Sci-Fi?  I mean, come on, its begging to
be compared to Ghost in the Shell.

Personally, I can't wait for Bionic Contact Lenses. 
From working on this 1920x1200 resolution computer, my eyesight is already fading, but get contacts with a
new display overlaid on top of what I'm normally seeing?  That would be wonderful.  I
would have some RSS feed showing headlines in small 8pt text.  Mobile from a new level.

For those of you wondering about the Prosthetic-Limbed runner.  He was a dual amputee, and
he was disqualified for having prosthetic legs.  The reasoning behind this?  His
prosthetic legs were 25% more efficient then human legs, giving him an unfair advantage on the track.

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