Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why buying a tablet will improve your phones battery life

I discovered something interesting already in the use of my brand new android tablet. 
It would appear that my phone has started to live for longer periods of time.  When I stopped to think of
this interesting trend it occurred to me that many of the more tablet optimized tasks I partake in on a
daily basis, such as email checking and web browsing I had moved to my tablet, instead opting in to use my
phone only while on the move or for smaller tasks such as texting (which, thanks to my use of google voice I
could do with equal ease on my new Xoom)

This has greatly improved the battery life of
my phone.  My phone is now relegated to more phone-like tasks while my Xoom acts as a extremely portable
device, similar in function to that if a PC.

This brings to mind the conclusion that
the reason our phones battery lives are so horrible these days is because we tend to use them for
everything.  If you're sitting on a train and you don't have a tablet you're probably going to pull out your
mobile phone for instant entertainment.  Purchasing and using a tablet however will surmount in a
significant gain of battery life for your phone, so long as you have uses for your new tablet.


  1. Easy counterargument: An external high-capacity battery is a lot cheaper than a tablet.
    Don't buy a tablet just to increase your phone's battery life, obviously.

  2. Nobody is saying its the best idea, just that more battery life is a natural result of
    purchasing a tablet device.