Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stop, @HotDogCollars. You’re doing it wrong.

Man oh man oh man.  To be honest, this is something @Scobleizer or
@davewiner should cover/bitch-about, not me.  You’ve got a local business in Florida, trying to do
the Web 3.0 thing, but you know what?  They’re doing it wrong.

Go ahead, look at their twitter page (but only for a second).  You notice how all of their
posts are from Facebook, and only contain links?  Yeah.  They’re doing Twitter wrong (but
I have many, many more beefs with them than just their twitter page).

First, let me
briefly describe my situation with these people.  I purchased something they said they could do. 
Turns out they couldn’t do it (after not replying for like a month or two).  I ask for a refund in
that case.  Nothing happens, none of my emails get returned (for like ANOTHER month or two). 
I write a horrible review for the company on Facebook (wasn’t the only one), consider reporting them to the
BBB, etc.  Nothing happens (for like another month or so).  I get an email from Facebook,
they commented on my review, I immediately got help via email and I got my return via Paypal.

I go back to update the review I gave them (I was going to add a star, to give them 2/5 for at least paying
attention), and I found out something that made me wish I could give them 0/5 stars.

Facebook Review Tab had been REMOVED

This company went out of its way to
disable user-created discussions in the discussion tab, remove the review tab, and block users from posting
anything on their wall.

Please, Stop.  You’re doing it WRONG.

I don’t know what else to say.. how could you possibly be doing something so horribly wrong?


  1. Oh jeez, that sounds like the customer end of something from Clients From Hell. That's
    just stupid.

  2. The collar I received had no significant reflective value and was not what was
    advertised online. The original ad from which I selected the collar has been removed. The order took a month
    to be filled and subsequent communication was difficult to initiate and then it was terminated with no
    resolution of the matter. What I received was fine if priced lower for comparable products but had no value
    added to the additional charge for being reflective/glow in the dark. They quit responding to my emails and
    now I can no longer enter my account at their site. It shows no purchases. On Dec 12 they informed me I was
    no longer a customer and should shop elsewhere. I agree with the above..they have no integrity.

  3. This company is AWFUL. Do yourself and favor and order from ANYWHERE Else. I tried
    contacting them for 10 days by phone and e-mail. When I finally talked to someone named James, he just
    yelled at me. Claimed e-mails were sent to me but could not resend them. Did not even know the e-mail
    address. He is angry for a reason. The reason is they are getting SO MANY COMPLAINTS that they can't keep
    up. They won't fix anything that is screwed up. DO NOT ORDER. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!

  4. The Company is awful. The customer service people yell on the phone because they are
    tired of listening to all the complaints. Do yourself a favor, and order from anyhwere else. You are wasting
    you money.