Monday, February 15, 2010

My Problem with ID3 Taggers

I have yet to find one that will automatically tag my vast library of music
that isn’t English.

I love animé, and until about my third girlfriend I didn’t have much
or any music on my computer, I didn’t watch many videos either.  My library was dull and void. 
But now, I have 532 songs occupying 2.7 Gibibytes of data, and I’m pretty sure less than 100 of those are
English.  Some of the music I don’t expect to get any data from, music my friends made, or I don’t
know the origin of at all, but I have a lot of Japanese singles that were openings and endings from anime,
or were in an anime, but all of these singles also belonged to albums, or had album artwork, or an artist,
or all kinds of rich information that isn’t in my library – or are in any of the main databases.

To top it off, I tried using some auto-tagging software I don’t remember the name of anymore,
didn’t clearly understand the instructions, and screwed up the tags on a whole heck of a lot of my music, so
now I have some songs I don’t know the names, artists, or album info to at all as its improperly labeled
(and in Japanese).

Someone (I’d be willing to help any way I could) should compile a
database of the way songs sound (Some type of wavelength ID that could easily identify a song via a piece of
it, identify different versions, etc.), approaching music labels and artists from the United States,
Britain, Australia, Japan, and all those other countries.

Or does such software already
exist, and I simply don’t know about it?  If you know something I don’t, please leave it in the
comments =)

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