Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quickly Romanize Japanese using Google Translate

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For those starting to learn Japanese, you may be stuck trying to figure out how to
pronounce some new Kanji you just found (at least, in their current sentence).  Normally, you’d
have to look in a Jisho (Dictionary) and try to figure out how they might be modified in their current form. 
Luckily, Google Translate is much, much more helpful.

Just plug in the Japanese, tell it
to translate from Japanese to Japanese, and then click the “Show Romanization” button and voila! 
You have instant Romanization of your unknown kanji.  Of course, in order for you to make use of
Google’s output, you might need to know some language constructs.

For example, in the
image above we see Google says “Ganba~tsu te” where we had “頑張って.”  Knowing how っ works, we’re able
to deduce that Google meant Ganbatte.

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