Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Resolution

Yeah, it’s late, I know.  Sorry about that, but better late than
never, right?

I am now Home Schooled; and I don’t plan to allow my children to attend
public school unless Obama or the president(s) after him manage to revolutionize the public education system
to be a little less stupid, and a lot smarter.

The principle’s formal decision was to
assign me to “Annex.”  If you haven’t been keeping up, Annex is the short name given to the
Alternative Education building by the Klein ISD.

I have been withdrawn from school, and am now “Homeschooling” myself until the Alternative
Education Placement time period has expired.

April 13th, I will be
re-enrolling in my classes at the local public school and will start the procedure to get credit for the
classes during the time of the suspension and my homeschooling.

I don’t want
to re-enroll, but as the colleges I have applied to will be expecting a High School Diploma and a Last
Transcript, I need to formally graduate from High School.

We had a lawyer, but he wasn’t
able to do anything, and all-in-all was a waste of money.  A 2,998 dollar waste.  He was a
good lawyer, but there was simply nothing he could do.  (No offense to the lawyer if he reads this

Here is a video of what I did to get into trouble.  HD
is available on Vimeo’s Website (Click the HD button):

height="241"> value="always" /> /> type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="400"
height="241">Video page at Vimeo

All in All, this is entirely ridiculous, but at least it’s over.

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  1. It's so ridiculous - if they don't know how to build a proper structure of their
    network, they can't blame you. But what should you do if people decide about such things without knowing
    much about it...

    So I will just hop out of here again, leaving greetings from Germany