Monday, February 2, 2009

Is this illegal? (The Monday After)

I went to school this morning practically praying that I would be able to
attend classes like normal.  I said to myself that I would attend first period like always, after
sitting at the same table before classes that I always do, attend classes like normal, and hope throughout
the day that I’m not pulled out of them by my associate or assistant principal.

associate principal sat down at one of the tables on the platforms in the commons, he beckoned to me and
told me that he talked to the Principal and was trying to help me.  He asked to have the laptop and
cell phone checked first and returned to me as soon as possible (at least), and he said that he hoped they’d
finish with them this morning.

I wasn’t happy about this, but I didn’t let onto it. 
The only part I was really unhappy about was that they were still planning to scour my hard drive. 
My mother told the Central Office on Friday that she didn’t want that laptop touched, much less searched.

He told me that I had to remain in ISS until it was resolved.

Goddess, I hate

I can deal with it when I’ve broken the rules.  I’m okay with being
punished when I’ve done something wrong.  The problem here is that I haven’t.  I haven’t
broken school code, I haven’t broken the law.  I’ve done nothing wrong, but I’m being placed in a
room as if it’s a holding cell for whatever they find to lock me up for.

I text my mom
and tell her what’s going on.  I would kindly walk out of school that instant, as truancy laws
don’t apply to anyone over the age of 16, but she tells me not yet.

It’s during the
middle of second period that she arrives at school and I’m checked out and brought home.  I
immediately get to work on writing an update.

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  1. When you live and work in a heavily bureaucratic bubble like these admins do, the
    tiniest little things seem like a Huge Effing Deal. But I would be really surprised if they tried to sue you
    -- they're probably just having the IT dudes go through your stuff to make sure you didn't steal payroll or
    SSN information, things that could be used for identity theft. Keep us updated, I hope it all goes well for