Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fixing Chrome’s “Network Error 2”

If you are encountering missing images and YouTube not working and other
things related to Google Chrome’s NET::ERR::2; then just follow these few simple steps to get everything
working again:

  • Close Google Chrome
  • Navigate to your
    Application Data folder
    • XP Users:
      • C:\documents
        and settins\%user%\Application Data\
    • Vista Users:

      • C:\users\%user%\appdata\
  • In the Application Data
    folder, navigate to:
    • local\google\chrome\user data\default\cache

  • Delete all the files (in that caché)

Open up Chrome and continue on and have fun ^_^

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  1. Are you on the Chrome Developer Channel, because I am.

    Do you even
    know what I'm talking about? Hah.

  2. Yes, I am. I also have a copy of Chromium; and this

  3. Hmmm, I don't even understand what Chromium is, unless it's just the source code - but
    something just makes me think otherwise.

    Also, for some reason Chrome's inbuilt
    dictionary just reset for no apparent reason. That, and the fact that Chrome doesn't have inbuilt RSS, i've
    switched back to Safari for now. I know I can use Google Reader but my internet isn't fast enough for it to
    replace inbuilt RSS.

    Andddd... I'm getting an android phone. ;D I just have to wait for
    one to be released in Australia, although apparently one's going to be released before Christmas - Whoo!