Monday, February 4, 2008

Resume of Navarr T. Barnier

Before I post the actual thing, I'm going to go ahead and state that the idea
came from @Mobasoft.

T. Barnier
Spring, Texas 77388 USA
href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]

Summary />Insightful developer who loves making creative thoughts a reality.  Interested
in the social web with a passion for interactivity.

You should know this
about me

When it comes to the job place, I am entirely
honest.  Speaking of which, I currently have little to no professional work
experience.  In my spare time, I enjoy coding and reading the thoughts of professionals and experts
about the ever expanding internet and the projects that are going on to help make it a better place.

In Development, I can work well under Windows, and from the small experience I have, can work under
Linux and Macintosh.  I am proficient to the amount required for DOS and the *Nix Terminal.

I've proven to be able to use:

  • Notepad
  • Nano/edit

  • Dreamweaver (on a basic level)
  • Frontpage (on a basic level)
  • Programmer's
  • and Aptana

I prefer to
write code from scratch (its my specialty) but can edit the code of others.

I am
proficient in:

  • PHP
  • HTML 4
  • (X)HTML
  • CSS

I am learning and am decent with:

  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • MySQL

I've been told that I write and speak PHP like its a second language.


Current Student
Klein Collins High School US-TX-Spring

Brainbench, Certified Master Typist, May
Brainbench, Certified HTML 4.0, August 2007
Brainbench, Certified PHP 5
Programmer, July 2006
Brainbench, Certified XHTML 1.1, May 2006

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