Sunday, November 22, 2009

simpleTAPI v0.2.1 – Build 16 (Twitter API Library)

I’ve renamed the Twitter API Library to “simpleTAPI.”  Yes, I’m not
very good at names when it comes to this sort of thing.  We’ve jumped forward two builds since my
last post here.

Build 15

  • The
    addition of a quick variable, bool Twitter::geo_enabled.
    Returns TRUE if
    the user has turned on geo functionality, FALSE if not.


  • Re-Organized classes.  Separated TwitterOAuth
    and OAuth into separate files, and moved them along with Twitter into a “twitter” folder.  All
    classes can be loaded simply by including Twitter.lib.php.

Build 16

  • Fixed a minor inconsistency in
    TWML where different functions returned different links to a twitter user’s profile.
  • Fixed
    a bug where specifying screennameonly=TRUE for TWML::name resulted in an empty hyperlink.


  • Started work on Example files
    to teach how to use simpleTAPI.  Currently, the only one included is a basic Update script. 
    This file includes logging in, updating a status, and returning the same status as well as some basic TWML

So, enjoy!  I will continue to improve this library. 
Please remember to post all issues and feature requests either on this blog or the href="">github page.

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