Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Voice in Outlook

EDIT: I managed to bring this into being thanks to other
people generously letting it run on their servers (though unfortunately I can't vouch for the security).
 You can check it out at
I've also made the source code available over at

you’re a regular reader to my blog, I’m sure you read yesterday’s post about how href="">Google
Voice could gain a head in the business world.  At that time, my dream of connecting Google Voice
and Outlook via OMS was far from completion, with the only work I’d managed to accomplish being a simple
reading over of the related technologies.

Well, late last night a certain gear clicked
in my brain, and I spent the entire night awake and coding PHP on a local XAMPP server.  But my end result
was fruitful – I finished successfully coding an Outlook Mobile Service that allows the delivery of SMS
through the Google Voice system.

Here is a video showing it off:
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not yet prepared to release the source code for this, though.  (Messy, Messy, Mess! as Double D would say). 
There’s a lot in my mind about it, it took a lot of work and I’m not ready to see forks and duplicate
services pop up.  (Sorry guys =S).  Be on the look out for follow up posts that describe some of the
technologies I had to learn to make this possible.

Oh, also – If you’d like; Help
sponsor this project (I can’t afford to make it public ATM) with either Free (VERIFIED) SSL Hosting for a
subdomain of a domain I own [contact me], or the
money to make it public using my current host ($62.40/yr) [ href="">donate through my host].  I would be most
appreciative if you could offer either of these to get this thing up and running!


  1. That's a great start however, what about using Outlook to receive text
    messages? Is that on the roadmap? I'm sure that is the big question on everyone's mind.

  2. The way OMS works with receiving text messages is that the OMS service is supposed to
    email them to the person with certain header data (that Outlook doesn't even use, for some reason).

    you want to receive text messages in Outlook then you just need to select "Forward texts to my email" under
    "Text Forwarding" under "Voicemail & Text" under "Voice settings" under "Settings"