Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Overlooked: iTunes 9 & Windows 7 Make Sweet Love

I’m not much of an Apple fanboy, in fact I generally don’t care much for the
brand at all.  But today’s iTunes update has made even me smile in elated happiness just a little

Why is this, you ask?  Because Apple is making sweet, sweet love with
Windows 7.

iTunes9 with Preview src="" width="252" height="298" />

As you can see, iTunes has added the ability to pause and skip forward and backward in Windows 7, a
feature that (so far as I know) is only supported by Windows Media Player at this moment in time. 
But that isn’t all.  The application now loads up quicker, doesn’t usually give off that annoying
black background in place of UI elements, and even includes some Windows 7 Tasks!

align="center"> image src="" width="241" height="194" />

As you can see very plainly in this picture, iTunes 9 has added tasks involving the
iTunes store.

This is all of the secret love making I’ve found so far. 
Have you found any?  If so, please, post about it in the comments!

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