Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chrome’s Next Steps on Windows 7

Back in August, href="">Google
Chrome introduced the Jumplist in the Developer’s Version of Chrome; the Jumplist being a new
feature in Windows 7 that allows users to quickly and easily access tasks related to the program, as well as
quickly open recently opened, and pinned files with the app.  With its new version, Google Chrome had added
“Most Visited,” “Recently Opened,” and “Tasks” to its Jumplist.  Now, There are just a few more things
Google needs to add to its Chrome web browser before it fits right in with Windows 7.


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In order to better compete with
Microsoft’s new version of Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7, Google needs to add previews for all open tabs
on the web browser, allowing a user to quickly select the tab they want right from the Windows taskbar.


border="0" alt="" width="64" height="44" align="left" /> When Google Chrome is running in the background
with that huge demo version of Adobe Premier Pro downloading, you really have no clue how far the download
has gone without checking up on your downloads bar.  A quick fix for this would be easily adding the status
in the Chrome icon like Windows Explorer does.

Other Things

else do you think Google Chrome needs to add in order to fit in with the Windows 7 Operating System that
will better improve its functionality?

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