Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Future of Facebook?

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style="text-align: left;">So, Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo today of his desk.. and I couldn't help but
notice that his Facebook is different from mine.  Some key things to note:

  • Instead of a tiny search bar at the top, there is now a very very large white bar.  This bar
    contains text in it, so I'm presuming it might be the new way to post data to Facebook, replacing
    the comparatively clunky share box we use today.

  • Instead of three icons
    (Adds, Notifications, Inbox) on the top bar, there is a single icon.  Perhaps these have been combined into

  • The icon appears squarer than the others.  Maybe its a Facebook icon,
    since the logo is clearly removed in this version?

  • To the right of this
    large search box seems to be something else, but I can't make it out - and unfortunately I can't just do a
    CSI-esque "enhance" on the image.

So maybe this is a sneak peak
at what is to come in the future?  Despite that, however, it should be noted that the changes seen here on
Mark's computer may never hit production servers.  This is simply some speculation on some noticeable

Source: Photograph
Uploaded by Mark Zuckerberg

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