Friday, April 8, 2011

Something Chrome Needs

There is a very common type of extension for Google Chrome, and that happens
to be the “Notifier” type.

You have GMail Notifiers, Google Voice Notifiers, Google
Reader, Google Docs, OWA, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Google Chrome just
had a single Notification Center with a fantastic User Interface for showing notifications from whatever
services register themselves with it?

I think it would, and over the summer – if I have
spare time – I think I’m going to program an extension that will can accept additions for showing
notifications.  I’ll then ask around for help and/or program some basic services for it to use, and
post it to the Chrome WebApp Store.

My next questions are:

  • Would
    you use this?  Is it a good idea?
  • Would you code for this?
  • Would
    you purchase this for $1?

At the moment, I’ve got plenty of cool
programming projects, and I’m not making money with any of them.  GVOMS is almost entirely free (no
companies have purchased a license to use), and anything else I’ve done so far has been free and open

So unless people are going to start donating to me – which I’m pretty sure you
aren’t – I need to find some way to make money.  I’m a college student, after all.

I don’t think $1 would be too much to ask for a unified notification center in Google Chrome, do you?

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  1. Definitely a great idea. Hope it's still possibly in the works.