Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stop, @HotDogCollars. You’re doing it wrong.

Man oh man oh man.  To be honest, this is something @Scobleizer or
@davewiner should cover/bitch-about, not me.  You’ve got a local business in Florida, trying to do
the Web 3.0 thing, but you know what?  They’re doing it wrong.

Go ahead, look at their twitter page (but only for a second).  You notice how all of their
posts are from Facebook, and only contain links?  Yeah.  They’re doing Twitter wrong (but
I have many, many more beefs with them than just their twitter page).

First, let me
briefly describe my situation with these people.  I purchased something they said they could do. 
Turns out they couldn’t do it (after not replying for like a month or two).  I ask for a refund in
that case.  Nothing happens, none of my emails get returned (for like ANOTHER month or two). 
I write a horrible review for the company on Facebook (wasn’t the only one), consider reporting them to the
BBB, etc.  Nothing happens (for like another month or so).  I get an email from Facebook,
they commented on my review, I immediately got help via email and I got my return via Paypal.

I go back to update the review I gave them (I was going to add a star, to give them 2/5 for at least paying
attention), and I found out something that made me wish I could give them 0/5 stars.

Facebook Review Tab had been REMOVED

This company went out of its way to
disable user-created discussions in the discussion tab, remove the review tab, and block users from posting
anything on their wall.

Please, Stop.  You’re doing it WRONG.

I don’t know what else to say.. how could you possibly be doing something so horribly wrong?