Friday, March 19, 2010

Somebody loves Google Voice Outlook Mobile Service~ ♥

Barebones<br />            Networking

BareBones Networking (Picture is linked) wanted to use my Google Voice OMS Code, so I
took all day customizing the code and getting it working on his server, I’m proud to announce that he is
willing to allow public use (please be reasonable with it though, please?)  So head on over to the
BareBones Networking OMS page, type in
your GMail Login, click Setup, and follow Outlook (2007 or 2010)’s Instructions and you’ll be ready to send
Text Messages FOR FREE through Microsoft Outlook.

I’ll set
up a landing page/site soon that gives the whole setup experience a pretty web interface too (maybe with FAQ
for the technically challenged).

Enjoy =)


  1. Can you comment about how password are handled and if the message is sent over ssl?

  2. As per the OMS protocol passwords are sent via plaintext. There really is no way around

    However, Outlook refuses to communicate over a non-SSL protocol for sending them,
    and the GVOMS server uses SSL when connecting to Google Voice.

  3. I am still a bit confused, sorry. Are you saying that because outlook insists on SSL
    both the message and password are sent SSL?

  4. Yes. It uses SSL both from Outlook to the GVOMS Server and from GVOMS to Google

  5. Perfect. Thanks for that clarification.

  6. OK, so who's BareBones and how do I know if I can trust them? It's a
    great idea, but without some kind of privacy policy or TOS it's just a hobby project.

  7. Then set up your own mirror using the publicly available code!

  8. All of the sudden, after months of working flawlessly, the account doe's work
    anymore, it says that either the user name or the password are worng...?!?!?!?!?!?!.

    haven't even come close to changing anything!!, was working perfect.

    anybody help and tell me is this great service has gone down?

  9. The most likely explanation is that Google changed the way login works... i'm
    not sure what to say.

  10. where do we get the publicly available code from?

  11. ok - i found the public code...I would like to speak with you about using this for my
    personal use. what would you charge for assistance to set it up?

  12. The service stopped working a few days ago. It says the user name or password is not
    correct. What a shame, I really loved this feature.

  13. Try the other mirror at and get back to me, okay?

  14. Thanks you very much, it worked. you are great.

  15. try the other mirror at

  16. much to help set it up?

  17. I guess something moderate. I don't know. I don't have much of a business sense, hah.

    newest release on Github is remarkably easier. To the point I only need to better document where things need
    to be changed.

    I guess if I had to estimate a price, it'd depend on what you already
    had done. Do you have a Server or Shared Hosting? Do you have PHP? What version of PHP is it? Do you have
    the required Cert? Say if you had All of that with PHP 5.3 it'd only be about $20 for some customization in
    the code in the right places to put the proper name and URLs everywhere.

  18. No...I don't having anything but a couple of workstations. I don't know too much, but
    run our office network, set up ftp and mess around with port forwarding on our routers. That's about it.


  20. Well, the base requirements for running your own mirror are:

    Web Hosting signed by a trusted 3rd party of some kind, with PHP 5.3.

    If you have a
    small office, I'd recommend using one of the pre-existing providers:

  21. They show up in Outlook sent box only, but not in the Google Voice history nor in my
    online Gmail sent box. The GV history only has "voicemail" "placed" and "missed" buttons. I do not see a tex
    message or SMS buttons. Thanks

  22. and when I select any one of the "voicemail" "placed" and "missed" buttons there are no
    text messages in the foldes and the folders are actually empty. The url for the service provider is

  23. I have been able to place regular phone calls in google Voice and these calls show up
    in GV history as missed or placed calls. I call from my cell to check voice mail and can place a call from
    my cell through GV. But I still do not get my text messages from Outlook 2010. Does this help!

  24. I can send through Barebones just fine. Can not reproduce.

    you tried DL Garman?

  25. With what I have written/describbed have I missed something or am I doing something
    wrong? Would virus protection or not having windows social media add-in enadled keep me from sending the
    text? I notice my spell checker in SMS does not work, is that a indication of a problem or is it typical
    that speel check does not function? I have Trussteer Rapport software, willthat interfear that you know of
    (I turned it of and Istill could not receive text, it shows sent in the sent box though.

  26. What is DL Garman and where can I find it, I get Garmin NAV when I do a search!

  27. In GV "settings", under "Registered Phones:" Do i need to "activate voicemail" for my
    mobile phone to receive the text? Or does GV have a setting I need to set to get the text?

  28. FYI: I can create a new eamail message and place the text to phone numebr + in the to: field and it works fine so Google Voice OSM is OK, receives my text as an
    email and forwards to my cell, but not when I send through the bare bones URL of i do not get the text, maybe this helps you figure out
    the problem? Thanks

  29. Is there a setting in Google Voice we must perform that I am missing causin the text to
    not show up in GV history or causing GV to not get receive the text. My login to GV, it is the same as my
    loging for Gmail correct?

  30. Are youable to use GVOMS with Outlook 2010?

  31. Fixed it, here was the problem and solution. Found that GV was missing the SMS TEXT
    button that would allow me to send text messages on Google Voice. Instead of the Call and SMS TEXT buttons
    being next to each other on the Google Voice page I have instead Place A Call. Where is this SMS button? I
    had a GV number but I set up a new GV number anyway as follows,

    GV website | select
    the gear in upper rt corner | Voice settings | Phones | Your Google Access Number | Get a Google number.

    Then the SMS "TEXT" button shows up next to teh "CALL" button now and the below
    "History" now has the "recorded" and "text" butons, yea haw it works now from Outlook 2010 "NEW ITEMS",
    "...SMS" Thanks :)

  32. Sweet!  I can't quite get it to work though!  I was able to add the OMS account to
    Outlook no problem, but "Text Message" never got added to the New pulldown.  Restarted Outlook several
    times, delted and re-added the account, tried both GVOMS mirrors.   The test message goes through fine. 
    Outlook created a Mobile Address book fine.. I can get Outlook to try to send a message by using the email
    form (New->Mail Message) and selecting a contact from the Mobile Address Book and the GVOMS account
    from the Account pulldown, but it fails to go through (Outlook generates an Undeliverable Message response
    in the Inbox -- "...None of your e-mail accounts could
    send to this recipient."  Presumably simply
    because you can't use the email form to send a text...  Thanks again for creating this...and any tips would
    be awesome :)

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  34. Hey Navarr,
    I know you set this up awhile ago, but I just discovered it and
    love it, and wanted to say thanks! Thanks! I love my GV, but I love it even more now that I can send SMS
    messages straight from Outlook 2010 through my GV account--FOR FREE! Put a "donate" or "Chip In" link on
    here and I'd gladly share my appreciation. Keep up the great work! I think you've got some great ideas.


  35. any chance to make this work with twilio?

  36. Don't see why not.  I could repogram a Twilio version from the ground up, if you want
    me to.

  37. That would be AWESOME! How do I get in contact with you?

  38. Plus im assuming that would be more reliable than GV so no worrying about GV changing
    login procedures

  39. just added you

  40. give me an example of login details

  41. With google account credentials supplied to your web service, you are able to access
    all information for that google account, including gmail, calendar, and google checkout too.  There is a
    very strong potential for abuse, either by the company or by a dishonest employee. I'd like to hear about
    the safe guards you have in place to protect the sensitive information.

  42. So I'm curious, Does this  service still work? I see that these posts were a  while
    ago, but I just learned about it today. I'd love to be able to use this instead of waiting for Google to
    finally come out with this (if they ever do). When I tried to use it, I got an error, "Outlook did not
    receive a response from the web service because of a problem connecting to the server."

  43. It should still work.  There are two servers that can be used.  If one doesn't work,
    try the other.  But they should both be working still..

  44. Hey Navarr.  I love this service and I use it every day.  I rebuilt my PC this week and
    then I couldn't connect.  I just chatted live with Barebones and they said their Google Voice server is
    currently offline until further notice.  Someone named Bones confirmed this.  Maybe it's time to for a new

    I think folks would pay for this service.  I've tried other services and they
    use a dedicated app that doesn't work within Outlook like yours does.

  45. should still be available as a host.  I wish Bones would tell me when he
    takes the service offline.

    But yeah, those are the only two people who have volunteered
    to host.  I still can't afford to SSL yet.  Nobody has donated etc.  There's just not a lot of people who
    want to use the product.

  46. When will the server be up to handle the GVOMS again?

  47. No the is down, tried from IE and Firefox

  48. So the answer is yea I tried the and
    none of them work either. In outlook, IE8 or Firefox, all say the web sites are not available, just like the site error states is down!

    for your help and looking into the sites problems!

  49. I can confirm OMS unconnectable today for both dlgarman and barebones.  Barebones had
    been the only one working otherwise lately for me.

  50. This could be a business opportunity? Hopefully this service will be up and running
    soon. In the meantime, I'm trying Google SMS and also Clamr.

  51. I'll be attempting to utilize this on one of my servers tonight.  I'm not sure what
    kind of load it would place on the system to open it up for public consumption, but if you (Navarr) have
    some insight, I have another that does almost nothing at all, I would be open to offering the space.

  52. Unfortunately I have no insight.  None of the other hosters told me how it was
    affecting their service.  It does one or two http requests per text, so it shouldn't take a significant
    load.  Its mostly bandwidth.

  53. I don't imagine the transactions would be an issue, I wonder how many users were
    commonly using the service though.  I'll have to install a cert on that one, worth try if it works.  What's
    the worst that could happen?  Server gets grumpy, and we're back where we started.

  54. Yup.  The only burden is you have to purchase a validated cert.  A self-signed won't
    fly with Outlook.  Might if the user installs it, but users hate extra steps.

  55. I would never do such a thing! Not that I'm doing this to attract users, more of a
    thanks for sharing. Besides, who needs 1 more thing that can go wrong... (points at random passer by) ...
    Valid third party cert = small price.

  56. You made that too easy!!!  I'm in a bit of shock here.  It was harder to tie my shoes
    this morning (no laces).  Well done brother!!  I'll see about a cert for the other server and let you know.

  57. I'm glad my instructions were easy to follow :3  I'd have made it drag and drop if
    possible, lol.

  58. Funny story.. I dragged it into the folder, read zero instructions, and it worked.

  59. There are still some instructions that need to be followed to make /everything/ work
    properly. Places where the location of the file are needed. Or so I think?

    Oh, I didn't
    write instructions @.@; (it just mentions them in settings.php)
    Domains need to be changed in:

    - xml/oms.wsdl
    - settings.php

    Essentially, replace
    anything thats or with your own locations. If you need any help, just comment or do a
    github issue.

  60. All good.  I did look through the files and catch those.  Still, technically drag &
    drop if it worked before I updated them isn't it?

  61. I don't think it could have possibly properly worked without those changes, but yes.
    Essentially drag-and-drop, lol.

  62. Haven't tried to send SMS back yet, but I've got 10 test messages to 4 numbers to prove
    it. Your guess is as good as mine, maybe your code is self adaptable?!

  63. Do this work again now then?

  64. Just tried using the GVOMS link and getting invalid username and password errors

  65. Such an error can arise if:

    - Google is freaking out over the
    difference in IP
    - You have two factor authentication enabled

    I'll try to
    work on a fix this coming sunday but not guarantees. If I do make a fix it'll require you perform an action
    on the website.

  66. If the issue is two-factor authentication, isn't the simple solution an
    application-specific password?

  67. Unfortunately no.

    If the issue is two factor it is currently
    impossible to fix. If you know of another gvoms client that works despite two factor please inform me of

  68. Can't seem to get this to work, it keeps telling me my username or password are
    Ive not got two factor authentication enabled, when i go to google voice though I can't
    see an option to text message people

  69. I'm unaware of any other GV OMS provider.  I tested yours with two-factor and an
    application-specific password today, and on the first connection attempt, I got a text message from google
    with an authorization code.  I don't really get why it's a non-issue with IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 connections,
    but not with GVOMS (application-specific password works alone)...http authorization difference I guess.  I
    imagine you could perform a web-based connection during setup and allow the user to perform the two-step
    (prompt for code).. still safer for user with app-specific password if it will work.  But then, I guess you
    would have to retain a cookie?  not the best idea.  And, I think it would require reauth in a month?
    Basically GV needs a public API.

  70. Ahh i see, i think its because it doesnt work in the UK :(

  71. Any luck on getting the host back up soon for OMS text messaging, has been down for
    last few months?

  72. I setup my new  text account at but I get the same error as Eddie as: "
    username ID or password are incorrect...." I also do not have "two factor authentication" active, this
    setting is "OFF"???????

    I have checked the username ID and password several times by
    logging into my Gmail account and I have the proper data entered, any ideas?

  73. This is probably then a case of Google trying to block GVOMS access to your account, as
    the server's IP address looks *very* suspicious. I haven't had time to work on this yet, so I'm afraid
    you're out of look until I put up a proxy to authenticate the IP.
    Navarr T.
    [email protected]

  74. Hi,

    You may also check how to send SMS from Outlook Mobile Service
    (Outlook 2007) with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway:


  75. Feeling same as Jordebb.

    Is there anyting wrong?


    Consulting Los Angeles

  76. I Tried the settings but it displayed an error
    "Outlook did not receive a
    response from the Web service because of a problem connecting to the server. Try again later."

  77. I realize there haven't been too many comments here recently but is gvoms still
    supposed to work with Outlook 2007. I followed the steps carefully. Everything said it was successful but
    the test message doesn't show up on my google voice account. Any ideas

  78. I'm having the same setup issue. Is anyone out there?

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