Friday, December 11, 2009

JavaScript & CSS3 Lightbox



  • Call createLightbox(); to create the actual lightbox element (does
    not display anything).

  • Call fillLightbox(string
    content) to fill the lightbox with RAW HTMLor

    appendLightbox(element childElement)
    to append a DOM Node directly into the lightbox.

  • Call setLightboxSize(int
    width, int height, null, string unit) to set
    the width and height of the lightbox.  Unit will default to pixels “px” if not specified.

  • Call showLightbox() to actually display the lightbox to the user.

  • Call boolean lightboxVisible() to determine if
    the lightbox is still visible or not.

  • Call hideLightbox()
    to remove the lightbox from view.

  • Call cleanLightbox()
    to delete all content inside the lightbox container.

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