Sunday, October 12, 2008

Idea: Syndicated Feed Access Protocol (SFAP)

The idea is to take your common every-day feed readers that pull RSS, ATOM,
OPML or whatever else from the internet, and combine their information.  To this, we come up with a
feature list:

  • Ability to Synchronize Read status of News Items

  • Ability to Synchronize “Star” (or “Important”) status of News Items
  • Ability
    to Synchronize Folders for News Items
  • Ability to add/remove/edit a Feed Subscription
    (including setting an alias for the feed)
  • Ability to Synchronize “Tags”

This would allow us to do with RSS feeds what we do with email when we use IMAP.

like Google’s “Share” feature could be simplified as a tag “special:share”.

What do you

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