Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fedora Issues Cease & Desist against DataPortability

Red Hat, Inc. ("Red Hat") recently became
aware that on your website, located at,
you are using art work that is identical to the Fedora Infinity design logo owned by Red Hat.

I am referring to two images on your site: the green and white logo, as well as the blue and white logo.

Personally, I think this is ridiculous.  Thoughts and comments are
welcome here.  I'm not going to write any more, so that I keep myself from


  1. What the hell? Are they flippin' blind?

    Fedora "infinity" logo:

    Dataportability logo:

    couldn't be clearer to a three-year-old that the Fedora logo merely vaguely resembles the dataportability
    one. Not only are they differently coloured, but they are also surrounded by (completely) differently-shaped
    backgrounds, but the Fedora one clearly shows an "f" inside of it, while DP contains a "d". The corners are
    rounded quite differently, and neither is the white-green transition (a straight line where the green ends
    and white begins) similar to the Fedora one, which ends in a rounded manner.

    In my
    opinion they would look alike to somebody who is intentionally trying to be inconvenient for the other
    party, for example, someone sending a cease-and-desist letter.

    Red Hat sucks. I'm never
    using a site I know is hosted by Red Hat servers again.

  2. ... Are they trying to say that using a slanted infinity sign in your logo is copying
    them? That's ridiculous.